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Static Site Generation Questions Blog

A short little temporary blog that’s a sounding board on what we can learn from static site generation as a possibility for libraries and cultural institution communcation teams.

August 2021

Could static site generation work for our content management system?

Our library content management system (cms) has a LOT of dynamic content. But the ideas afforded in statics site generation (and Hugo as an example) help to mitigate some of those issues. Hugo has short codes. We’ll have to explore how those could work on a live site, and if that gives hackers access to the same set of things like PHP might. Static site generators could automatically update a static site at intervals, like hourly or daily.

Could Hugo and static site generators work for librarians and communications?

I’m not sure, seems like a whole lot of moving parts, special skills, and the easy ability to accidentally wipe out your entire site. But it’s pretty cool once you have the setup, and if someone is technical and doesn’t mess with the setup too much maybe it would be a great solution. Static sites sound great – there’s not any moving parts on the live site, and so there’s very little security worries.